Chapter 12

Last time, Vesper took out Dusty sister, later identified as one Venessa Farr.  Vesper was turned in by her grandson through marriage, Joe Shelley-Lott.  During the ensuing fight with Dusty, Vera-Ellen had gone into labor alone in the basement.

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Chapter 8

Last time, Ganon, Desirae and Mickey were the first to move out.  All the kids had gotten jobs, prom  happened, Terra, Tempest and Kadaj all aged up to YA.  Terra married her prom sweetheart and she moved in for a couple of days.

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Chapter 7

Last time, all the kids had birthdays, Ganon started on the portraits, Vesper worked, and Billy painted.  Then Ganon went to prom, got a girlfriend, got married, and had a baby named Mickey.

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