Chapter 12

Last time, Vesper took out Dusty sister, later identified as one Venessa Farr.  Vesper was turned in by her grandson through marriage, Joe Shelley-Lott.  During the ensuing fight with Dusty, Vera-Ellen had gone into labor alone in the basement.

~A/N:   I finally put a disclaimer to the side.

Not addressed last chapter is that after the wedding, but before Venessa was killed, Vesper was accused of cheating on Billy.  I didn’t address because I thought it was a false accusation.  Billy does have the betrayed moodlet, but no one else has the witnessed betrayal moodlet.  Memories have been turned off since Ganon hit YA, so I have no clue what happened.  I am unsure of how this is going to effect the update~


We pick up with Vera-Ellen trying to make her way through the house to the hospital.
Vera:  I’d so rather be watching tv right now.
Tough.  Get your butt out the door.


Vera:  I don’t think I can!



She ended up popping the babies out right in the hallway.  Grandpa was all over the babies like a rash.

Billy:  Hello little precious!
Quit stalling and get back to your guitar.
Billy:  My heart is broken and you insist on my working the guitar?
Yes.  You can play country songs about how your truck loves you more than your murdering wife does.


Billy: It’s not a tractor, but my old car still thinks I’m sexy.
Oh for the love of Pete.  We don’t live in Twinbrook!  It’s not okay to love your car.


This is what you need to be worrying about pal.  Your athletic skill is only a smidge away from level 6.  I doubt that’s high enough to keep you alive.


Sephi finally lets his frugal side shine through.  He spent his whole morning walking around shutting off lights and clapping.


It was a little much when he shut if off while Billy (naughty!) was sneaking in painting time.

I thought you were asleep?
Billy:  That bitch Vesper was in my bed.  I can no longer sleep in the same room as a cheater.
Oh God.  Spare me the drama.  Just go somewhere else.


Vesper will be displeased with this development.
Dusty:  Yes, my baby, after we take them all out, you will take over the world.


Vesper:  Get that asshole out of my bed.


I did and what does that shit do?  It had nothing to do with his guitar.  That’s all that matters.


Dusty is trying to look all sweet and innocent, but the house thinks she poisoned the bottles.


Vera ran down to make sure her girls were okay.


Sephi:  Bill, I have to call you back, I saw someone I need to do.


Gloria:  How can you flirt with me when you have a broken sink?  The mess is unsanitary!


Sephi:  Hey, hurry up and get that sink fixed, would you?
Dusty:  Asswipe.


Sephi:  Now where were we again?
Gloria:  Your mom?
Sephi:  Could care less.


Sephi:  See.  All is well.  Dusty is fixing the sink.
Gloria:  I better not get fired for this.
Sephi:  Never.


Sephi:  Let’s take our party out of the kitchen and find someplace with less traffic.


Gloria:  Like what you see?
Sephi:  Definitely.
Your mother would have a fit if she saw you screwing in her bed.
Sephi:  Then keep your mouth shut.


Vesper:  In light of you carrying my grandchild, I have decided to give you a stay of execution.


Dusty:  Then my plan will be a success.  You would never kill a parent of your blood.
Vesper just smiled and walked away.


You like this one the best, don’t you?
Vera:  No.  I just never get to hold the other one.  Grandma won’t put her down.


I heard the screaming all the way down in the basement.  I quickly zoomed over.

Dusty:  Why do you smell like my husband?
Gloria:  Bitch, are you saying that I stink?
Dusty:  Wait.  Where’s your uniform?


Gloria:  I suggest that you don’t piss me off.  I’m on to you and so is the rest of this family.


Sephi:  Mmmm.  Naked ladies, mud and wrestling.  God, I’m so horny right now.


Gloria:  Sephi!  What has come over you!
Dusty:  WTF?
Sephi:  *humps Gloria’s leg like a dog*


Dusty:  I have no words right now.  I’m too hungry.


Dusty:  This displeases me.


Gloria:  He’s mine now, preggo.
Dusty:  We’ll see about that.


Dusty:  They will both pay for this.


Gloria;  What kind of monster are you?
What did I do now?


Oh.  That.  Um.  It does need to get fixed.

The Next Day:


Gloria:  Sir!  I think you should step back!


Gloria:  Or not.
Darian:  I saw you and Sephi.  If you want me to keep my mouth shut, then-
Gloria:  That won’t work on me.  I was already promised that I would never lose my job and Dusty already knows.


Darian:  It’s Vesper you should worry about, girl.  Dust is a speck of nothing next to her.


Gloria:  If you’re wife finds out about this, we’ll both be dead.
Darian:  We will just have to be more careful than you and Sephi were.


Oh shit.  Vera.  Don’t look.
Vera:  Hey Tiffany.  Mom has not forgiven Joe yet.  I hope you didn’t bring him.
Tiffany:  Nope, just stopped by to see the babies.


Vesper:  Tiffany!  Just the daughter I want to see.
Tiffany:  What do you need, Mom?


Luckily no one ever looks into the skill room.


Grandpa and Sephi were getting the girls ready for their unveiling.


Edea:  I stinky!


Ultimecia:  Daddy is picking up the wrong  girl!


Ult:  They will both pay for this.

*are they identical?  I so need to get them in CAS and see*

Yelling is heard from the hallway…Let’s go!


Billy:  You are one horrible, cheating and evil bitch.  I wish I had never met you.


Vesper: But the kids-
Billy: -would have been better off not being born.


Vesper:  Get back to your guitar you worthless husk of a man.


Billy:  Why?  So that you can kill me like you did Hunter all those years ago?
Vesper:  Finish your last 50% and you can find out first hand.


Ult:  My Gwamma.  Go away!

Ultimecia is Evil and Loves the Outdoors.  She likes Indie, Cookies and Spice Brown.

She is named for Ultimecia, from Final Fantasy 8.



Edea:  You will regret locking me in this cage, daddy.

Edea is Clumsy and Grumpy.  She likes Pop, Frogs legs and Pink.

She is named for Edea, from Final Fantasy 8


Edea Kramer was a Sorceress who hated her powers.  Ultimecia took possession of her body.

Evil Points:

Ulti – Loves the Outdoors – 0
Evil +3

Edea:  Clumsy  0
Grumpy +2

Generation: 3
LTW Complete:  2
Portraits:   9
100K Happy Points:  1 (Vesper)

Legacy Points:  15


4 thoughts on “Chapter 12

  1. I love this household. It’s its own crazy soap opera, with the horny maid getting it on with two of the guys, the murderous matriarch and the daughter-in-law planning to murder everyone and take over. And Billy and his truck love, lol.
    I wonder if it’s possible that Billy is reacting to Hunter. I’ve seen Sims get weird about previous relationships, and maybe when Hunter’s ghost shows up, if Vesper still has him in her relationship panel as a romance, Billy is treating it as an affair. The whole jealousy/reputation system id pretty broken, I could see that happening.
    Anyway, I can’t wait to see what happens next, how long Dusty manages to survive after she gives birth to Sephi’s baby. Or if she will in fact prevail and take over the world.
    Now that Gloria has done Sephi and Darrian, is Billy next? If Billy puts his guitar down long enough to diddle the maid, will he survive Vesper’s wrath?
    So many questions!

    • Oh I found out that Vesper has been flirting with Darian! He walks around 90% of the time with the creeped out moodlet. It’s hysterical! I only saw the actual act one time and it was over before I could document it. She seems to only do it when the camera is focused elsewhere.

      At this point, it’s a toss up to who survives around here. I haven’t played much beyond the twins, so hopefully by Monday I will be able to find out.

  2. I’m getting this feeling that you are a Final Fantasy fan, lol I don’t know much about it, because Sims is pretty much the only video game I play. =) They have some neat sounding names though!

    Double toddler terrors there! The looks they give!

    Sephi. ❤ Even if he did, ahem, sleep with the maid, lol

    • Sephi is a doll. He has the exact same score for both ladies.

      I am so afraid the toddlers will be baby Vespers.

      I am a HUGE Final Fantasy fan. I found out the next one comes out in August, so I named the twins after yet another bad girl from there. I don’t play much else though, so it’s hard for me to choose other names so far. I think I will be doing more movies and literature coming up.

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