Family Update 2016

Hello?!  Hello?!  Is there anyone out there?

TS3W 2016-04-17 19-59-45-38

Vera-Ellen, Sephiroth and Darian (or a reasonable facsimile).

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Family Update

If you read my main blog, you know that my hard drive had a meltdown.  I did have a short warning, so I was able to back up a lot of my stuff.

I have been playing over the past couple of months, but I just have been uninterested in writing up and posting the updates.   Sadly, this is no longer an issue.  While the save is fine, the update files with screenshots is gone.

After three more meltdowns this week, I think my backup hard drive is going to make it with all my shit installed.  As soon as I locate my missing photoshop installer, I will get back at it.

As of now, Ulti, Edea and Megatron are teens, the pregnancy produced a baby boy and it was NOT Hunter’s baby.  He is now a child.  Vera-Ellen is a day or two away from full Adult.

I lost all my scoring, so I am remaking that in excel and will get the updated one during the next update.

Chapter 15

Sorry that it’s been awhile.  I have been playing all my games, I just haven’t been in the mood to edit, write up or post the updates.  Been doing a lot of fun for stuff and even cracked open Sims 2 for a few days.

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Chapter 14

I’m in a bad mood today. So, let’s have an evilly good time.

Last time, two murders occurred, two births occurred and we found out that ghosts are sissies.


Today we open up with Vera being a great mom and a horrible aunt.

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Chapter 13

Last time, the first kids of Generation 3 were born.  Ultimecia leads her sister Edea by 1 point in the goal for heiress.  Sephi took his relationship with Gloria it new heights, ignoring his pregnant wife.  Vesper got a gift that I didn’t give permission for and she was caught flirting (I think), which caused Billy to feel betrayed.

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Chapter 12

Last time, Vesper took out Dusty sister, later identified as one Venessa Farr.  Vesper was turned in by her grandson through marriage, Joe Shelley-Lott.  During the ensuing fight with Dusty, Vera-Ellen had gone into labor alone in the basement.

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Chapter 11

Last time, the wedding of the century took place.  The men of the house have decreed it open season on Gloria the Maid. Dusty and her sister have angered the EoE.


Gloria:  The wedding was amazing!  Now I’m off to cry myself to sleep.

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